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25 #Sorry #Quotes for all the Unintentional Bloopers We Make

How often don’t we burst forth with some angry words when we’ve been offended. Often after humiliating ourselves like that, we mutter an apology and slink away. What we’ve blurted out however, will take more than a quick, miffed ‘I’m sorry’ to put things back on track. Some sorry quotes can certainly make amends and

The Impressive List Of Top 33 Short Funny Quotes

‘You’ve got to stand for somethin’ or you’re gonna fall for anything‘,. Sometimes when we want to convey a message to someone, our conversation need not always be purposeful, but it must at least be for pleasure. Short funny quotes can be a great way to express your feelings, but you don’t want to just

Interesting List Of 30 Funny Christmas Gifts

It’s Merry Christmas time and the usual round of parties, get-togethers and festivities. Sooner or later, the Christmas gifts are handed out and you want to be sure that your funny Christmas gifts are fun and amusing but that they are useful too. Looking for something totally different and amusing for a dog or cat.

You Will Be Wowed With These 41 Funny Dog Pics

Man has always been enriched by dogs; and the longer you have them in your lives, the more you find out how how your stress disappears. Our four-legged friends amuse and delight us, and unlike humans, never want to be the centre of attention. They are happy just to be near us, and when they