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21 Super Funny Jokes Laugh To Death [Must Watch]

Laughing is compulsory because sometimes we need something to escape from the hectic works of everyday. The jokes below will make you smile. If you’d been looking for fun, it’s a place to be. Laughter is not less than an antioxidant for your tired minds, vitamin for the souls, and mineral for your body. The

Laugh To Death With These 39 #Funny #Christmas Pictures

It is simply incredible to see how clever, creative and hilarious people can be. You may never realize these traits in people until Santa comes around. Normally, Christmas comes forth with a lot of excitement and everyone out there feel jubilated in commemorating the birth of Christ. Perhaps it is this anxiety that compel people

49 Random #Funny #Facts That Will Explode Your Mind

The universe, with its endless expanse, can never be fully fathomable. Let alone the world. That is the main reason why we usually end up being astounded by the things we don’t know that other people happen to know. But, that is actually a good thing, especially if you admit what you don’t know. Only

#Funny #Quotes Top 20 Funniest Quotes

 If life gives you lemons, just make lemonade from it, and try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka and have a party. I guess I will have to name my kids Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. That way, if they muck up I will hit them all at once. Never argue with a

Top 16 Hilarious Sayings

Hilarious Sayings are basically made to pass important messages in a friendly manner. Just like food is crucial for the physical development of the body, so are Hilarious Sayings. They make the inner part of every person get new inspiration, insight and maturity. In life, a part from the knowledge that people get from teachers

Top 50 Funny Friendship Quotes

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and precious relationships. In fact, I believe that without friends, our life is nothing. We share our ideas, sorrows, and happiness with friends. They are the persons who keep our secrets. This way, God has made this relationship extremely beautiful. I must say, after parents, friends are the