Top 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams

Dreams have always been a big mystery to people from time immemorial. This is what makes people want to know more about dreams. Below are top 10 amazing facts about dreams that you might not have known before.Amazing Facts About Dreams

10. Gender differences

According dream researchers, men and women experience different kinds of dreams based on their experiences and emotions. Men mostly dream about aggression while women do not. William Dumhoff, a dream researcher, says that men, usually have shorter dreams than women. Typically, women have more characters in their dreams while men dream more about other men than they dream about women. Women dream about both sexes equally.

9. Most dreams have typical negative feelings

People experience different emotions in their dreams that include happiness, fear and joy. However, anxiety is the most prevalent emotion that is always present in most dreams. Some people wake up tired and spent after experiencing a night full of disturbing dreams that might be nightmares or close to nightmares.

8. We only see faces that we already know in our dreams

Although one may dream about people that may seem to be total strangers, the human brain is unable to invent images of people whom you haven’t met before. Therefore, the people we see in our dreams are people we have met at a certain point in our life. It could be the waitress or the mailman who rendered respective services to you but you did not pay much attention to their physical appearance. It is also possible that you laid your eyes on these people just before you fell asleep.

7. Voluntary muscles remain paralyzed each time a person dreams

This helps hinder an individual from acting their dreams during the duration of sleep as dreaming occurs.Additionally,the motor neurons are usually unstimulated as one sleeps hence any kind of movement is not possible. This condition, referred to as sleep paralysis, is a normal phase according to medical experts and the body returns to the normal muscle control after a few minutes.

6. You have the power to control your dreams

You might not believe it but you have the power to control your dreams if you want to. This can happen with lucid dreams, where you are aware that you are dreaming. This happens when you are not deeply asleep yet and you can decide to choose the direction that you would like your dream to take. Research shows that at least half of the human population can control the content of their lucid dreams while others do not even have dreams.

5. Animals dream too

Despite the fact that it might be hard to establish for sure if an animal is dreaming, studies show that it is possible for animals to dream. Have you seen a sleeping cat wag its tail or leg? Researchers state that animals also do enter different stages of sleep that consist of various cycles.

4. Some dreams are not in color

Although most people hardly notice it, about 80% of dreamers have their dreams set in black and white, like the first TV sets. Most people who have been awakened from their dreams and asked to select any color from a chart that resembles the colors in their dreams choose soft pastel colors more frequently.

3. Everybody dreams

According to research, every human being is most likely to dream and each of these dreams last a minimum of five minutes, despite of the age and environment of the individual. 60 years is the average time that a person might spent dreaming in a typical lifespan. So let no one lie to you that they do not dream. We all do.

2. Blind people dream too

People who are blind but were not born blind see images in the their dreams while people who were born blind also dream but do not see images or anything at all. Very crazy, isn’t? Instead, their dreams involve the other senses and are just as intense and interesting.

1. Sexual dreams

This is a very well researched phenomenon that Scientists call “nocturnal penile tumescence”. In other words, it means you get turned on while you sleep and men can get well over 20 erections per dream according to studies. It is quite interesting, thus making it top on the top 10 amazing facts about dreams.

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