Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

Funny #Sayings | Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

Every nation and country in the world has some good sayings that can be used in everyday life. For instance, the Jewish people like to say “ Teach a man how to fish and you’ll keep him well – fed for a long time”, or there is a Saudi proverb that says “ A friend is known when needed ”. Very often, however, these sayings can also be very funny. Check these couple of funny sayings that best show their creators witty minds.

First, here are some very funny quotes from famous people you might like:

  •  “ Being censored is like someone telling you you can’t order a steak because the baby at the next table can’t chew it ” – Mark Twain, famous writer
  •  “ The best make up a woman can get is passion. However, it’s easier to buy cosmetics ” – Yves Saint Laurent, fashion designer.
  • “ I don’t use drugs. I am drugs” – Salvador Dali, eccentric painter
  • “ If you want to double your chances for a date on Friday night, be bisexual” – Woody Allen, American director, screenwriter, playwright, actor, etc.
  • ” Being stinky rich is a good part of my beauty” – Donald Trump, a rich guy

Hey, but if you thought that only famous or insanely rich people can come up with some funny sayings, you were dead wrong. Here are some funny quotes from anonymous people who will probably never get famous or rich, but know what to say in the right situation:

  • “ The ideal man shouldn’t drink, shouldn’t do drugs, shouldn’t smoke, or get angry and swear. Conclusion ? Ideal man doesn’t exist ”
  • “ In the past, when we get angry with someone, we would fight. Now, we just unfriend them on Facebook. That will teach them to mess with us! ”
  • “I f you didn’t see something with your own eyes or heard with your own ears, don’t run to me with your big mouth with something you invented in your small mind ”
  • “ Love your enemy. It will make him so mad ”
  • “ How do you know if you are too old? When the candles on your birthday cake start to cost more than the cake itself ”
  • “ I’m on a seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it ”

See? Whether it comes straight from the mind of a brilliant screenwriter, a billionaire, an eccentric painter, or it was just something that some random anonymous guy posted on Facebook or Twitter, there will never be a lack of good, funny sayings that will cheer you on a particularly bad day.

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Funny #Sayings | Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

Funny #Sayings | Top 11 #Funny Sayings that will make you ROFL

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