25 #Sorry #Quotes for all the Unintentional Bloopers We Make

How often don’t we burst forth with some angry words when we’ve been offended. Often after humiliating ourselves like that, we mutter an apology and slink away. What we’ve blurted out however, will take more than a quick, miffed ‘I’m sorry’ to put things back on track. Some sorry quotes can certainly make amends and you can send a note to the person who came under your fire. With some well chosen apology quotes, you can perhaps avoid another blunder by selecting words that will prevent a similar mistake.

Each goof-up we make requires making amends. When your angry and often unintentional words have been inflicted on someone’s feelings, why not quickly make amends by choosing from these sorry quotes to make your apology known? With one of these 25 sorry quotes sent along with a dozen roses, you’re sure to get the response you’ve been waiting for ….’you’re forgiven’.

Sorry Quotes

25 #Sorry #Quotes for all the Unintentional Bloopers We Make

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