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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams

Dreams have always been a big mystery to people from time immemorial. This is what makes people want to know more about dreams. Below are top 10 amazing facts about dreams that you might not have known before. 10. Gender differences According dream researchers, men and women experience different kinds of dreams based on their

The Impressive List Of Top 33 Short Funny Quotes

‘You’ve got to stand for somethin’ or you’re gonna fall for anything‘,. Sometimes when we want to convey a message to someone, our conversation need not always be purposeful, but it must at least be for pleasure. Short funny quotes can be a great way to express your feelings, but you don’t want to just

Interesting List Of 30 Funny Christmas Gifts

It’s Merry Christmas time and the usual round of parties, get-togethers and festivities. Sooner or later, the Christmas gifts are handed out and you want to be sure that your funny Christmas gifts are fun and amusing but that they are useful too. Looking for something totally different and amusing for a dog or cat.

You Will Be Wowed With These 41 Funny Dog Pics

Man has always been enriched by dogs; and the longer you have them in your lives, the more you find out how how your stress disappears. Our four-legged friends amuse and delight us, and unlike humans, never want to be the centre of attention. They are happy just to be near us, and when they

Top 28 Interesting Funny Monday Quotes

‘My interest is in the future – because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there.’ Most of us are somewhat future minded, just like Charles Kettering, and we hate Mondays because we don’t particularly like our jobs or school. Monday is the first day of 5 boring days ahead to the weekend.

23 Greatest Selection Of Funny Graduation Quotes

Returning to college or university after school takes commitment because you often wonder where that extra time is going to come from between your part-time job, your partner as well as your other responsibilities. Studying after school isn’t always easy but one thing’s for sure… the results will be incredibly rewarding. The new graduate will

31 Incredibly Funny Wedding Quotes Collection

While shopping for wedding rings, the bridegroom suggested to his fiancee that he didn’t want a ring that was too wide, as it may cut off his circulation. The bride smugly quipped that having a ring on his finger was going to do that anyway. Choosing a spouse is serious business, but for better or

22 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards You’d be Lucky to Get

If you are a love-struck individual seeking to showcase your love to that special someone in a quirky and witty way, search no further; these 22 funny valentine’s cards will definitely reward you with something to help you make him or her chuckle. Well, someone might recommend you use sentimental phrases but hilarious valentines day