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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Best Printable Quote Cards 2015

Valentine’s Day is among the special days that comes once in a year. If it happen that your lover likes graphics or written quotes, you are lucky then. It was said by scholars long time ago that there is power in written communication. Slipping the card from your pocket and placing it next to his/her

25 #Sorry #Quotes for all the Unintentional Bloopers We Make

How often don’t we burst forth with some angry words when we’ve been offended. Often after humiliating ourselves like that, we mutter an apology and slink away. What we’ve blurted out however, will take more than a quick, miffed ‘I’m sorry’ to put things back on track. Some sorry quotes can certainly make amends and

#Funny #Quotes Top 20 Funniest Quotes

 If life gives you lemons, just make lemonade from it, and try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka and have a party. I guess I will have to name my kids Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. That way, if they muck up I will hit them all at once. Never argue with a