Think Yourself Fit and Lean with these 27 #Fitness #Motivational #Quotes

Being creative about getting back into shape and becoming fit can remove the drudgery from what many people think of as chore. Yes, even getting off the couch and paying more attention to household chores such as sweeping can increase energy expenditure significantly. If you don’t like exercising, think of some of the activities you used to enjoy such as swimming and cycling, and take them up again.

We all gain a couple of kilograms over the festive season but increasing exercise and resisting junk food early in the new year will put you on the road to better health. Know someone who has adopted a new attitude towards health and who is looking to alter their eating habits? It isn’t easy giving up on delicious fast foods – why not encourage someone on this journey with these 27 encouraging fitness motivational quotes? When the dieter and exerciser sees them, they’ll be able to say “I can do It; I’m going to try again’.

Fitness Motivational Quotes

Think Yourself Fit and Lean with these 27 #Fitness #Motivational #Quotes

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