Top 10 Foods of Korean

Korea is known to make the most perplexing and tasty foods around the world. In case you ever travel to Korea and get lost, do not get lost to choose the best foods offered in the various world class restaurants. The following are the top 10 foods of Korean

10. Tangsuyuk

In case you have been to China, this kind of food will be familiar to you. It consists of basically sour pork but tastes sweet. It is considered one of the best food for parties as it can make your friends crazily dive into. It is served in house party sizes. It is one kind of food worthy of a taste next time you travel to Korea.Top 10 Foods of Korean

9. Japchae

This is considered one of the best royalty dishes ever in Korea. Basically, it comprises of julienned veges, glass noodles all tossed into strips of beef in a sauce. It is normally served in half dish in most of the Korean restaurants. It has the soft and un-forgettable taste you have yearned to have. It has a delicious smell and can be eaten with other variety of foods.Top 10 Foods of Korean

8. Ddukbokkie Rice Cake Street Food

This is the food that you will notice its delicious smell from a distance in most of the Korean restaurants at night. It is available in various styles and is considered as the most popular street food in Korea. Its recipe is quite simple and it incorporates small spiciness that are cut into small cylindrical cakes in form of rice and cooked. It is soft and easily chewable. It is one kind of food that is loved greatly by most of the westerners.Top 10 Foods of Korean

7. Kimchi Bokkeumbap Korean Food

You can easily adjust to this kind of Korean food. It is prepared by the expert chefs in Korea. It is both tantalizing and worth a taste. You will find this food at any local restaurant in Korea. It is also considered the stable food in Korea. Its ingredients include Fresh Winter Napa Cabbage, oysters, briny shrimp, hot pepper and garlic.Top 10 Foods of Korean

6. Hoeddeok Sweet Syrup Pancakes

You will find this food sold in most of the street vendors of Korea. It is a type of pancake that possesses a sweet and finger-licking taste. It is identical to the western dough though comprises of cinnamon, chopped and fried walnuts and brown sugar. It is a great pick for your breakfast. Try buying it for your child and they will never forget it.Top 10 Foods of Korean

5. Yangnyeom Tongdak, The Seasoned Fried Chicken Food

This fired chicken meal has the taste you won’t afford to miss out when you travel to Korea. It is both sticky and spicy red sauce and is sold in most of the Korean vendor shops. It is also considered one of the best food ever invented in Korea. It carries the flavor you have yearned to taste. Try this Korean food and you will never forget the delicacy that it offers.Top 10 Foods of Korean

4. Donkas

Donkas consists of deep-fried pork that is covered in a highly delicious sauce. You will find it sold in nearly all the local food kiosks in Korea. It is one local favorite dish that you will live to share its delicacy. It is distinctively known to be one of the popular food in Korea.Top 10 Foods of Korean

3. Bulgogi Marinated Beef

This food has the most versatile mode of preparation. A hot plate of Bulgogi Marinated beef will transform your taste and leave you longing to travel back to Korea. It involves sliced pieces of beef that is marinated in soy sauce, hot garlic and pear juice. You can afford to miss this food stuff.Top 10 Foods of Korean

2. Bibimpab Mixed Rice

This meal is prepared as per your taste needs. All the ingredients in this food are optional except for the meat. You can take control of what you want your meal taste. Sunny side up egg is added on top, hot pepper paste and any other spices you want to add to this hot steamed rice. The sensation and every single bite that this meal offers is great and you can give it a trial.Top 10 Foods of Korean

1. Gimbap

This food literally means ‘laver rice’. This popular Korean dish is made from steamed white rice combined with variety of other ingredients. It is served in small bite sizes. It is considered the greatest pick suitable for most of the outdoor events. It is available in most of the Korean food vendor shops. If you happen to travel to Korea, try this awesome tasty food.Top 10 Foods of Korean

Korea is known to possess wide variety of foods both traditional and modern. The above top 10 foods of Korean will aid you in getting the secret behind the unique Korean culture and their approach to food.

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