Top 28 Interesting Funny Monday Quotes

‘My interest is in the future – because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there.’ Most of us are somewhat future minded, just like Charles Kettering, and we hate Mondays because we don’t particularly like our jobs or school. Monday is the first day of 5 boring days ahead to the weekend. Have you noticed that some of your colleagues don’t even bother pitching up for work on a Monday because the weekend was just too short?

If you have a marvelous lifestyle beyond the office or school, well then of course you’re going to detest Mondays, because its this day that puts a lid on all those fabulous activities you do over the weekend. You’re not alone; millions of people around the world dread Mondays. If you know someone like that, choose from these great funny Monday quotes to send to someone who dreads Monday. They are guaranteed to help anyone beat the Monday blues and navigate through the rest of the week with decorum.

Beat Monday Blues with these 28 Inspiring Monday Quotes

funny monday quotes

Funny Monday Quotes

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